God’s Mission for Us: This is our understanding of why God wants us here as a congregation.

“Reaching Out, Sharing Christ!”

We believe Jesus gives us eternal life to us as a gift out of His great grace and mercy towards us. We receive this gift through faith in Him as our Lord and Savior, by the working of the Holy Spirit. Since Jesus has freely given us life through His death and resurrection we want to share His love and Gospel of eternal life with the people we know and meet! We believe God wants us to grow in the life we have in Him as His disciples through receiving the Word, the Lord’s Supper, and Christian fellowship. We are here to connect people to Christ, community, and their calling of servanthood in the world!

Our values that guide and define our relationships and our life together:

  • Loving One Another
  • Celebrating God’s Divine Word and Sacraments
  • Sharing the Love of Christ
  • Being Christ Centered
  • Reaching out to our community and the unchurched